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Local Solutions for dependable, experienced, production crews


Lead Technicians

  • Production Manager

  • A1 (Audio Engineer)

  • V1 (Video Operator)

  • LD (Light Design)

  • L1 (Light Operator)

  • Projectionist

  • Camera Op

  • Record OP

Assist Technicians

  • Technical Director

  • A2 (Audio assist)

  • V2 (Video assist)

  • L2 (Light assist)

  • Playback pro op

  • AV Float

  • Break out tech

  • Scenic

General Labor Tech

  • Stagehands

  • Set & Strike

  • Truck Load/Unload

  • Tetris masters


Here at Altitude AV, we care about our clients and our crews. Our team is here to ensure your event is a success. Every event is different, and we hand select our crews for individual clients needs. Our Technicians are professionals with many years of experience creating one of a kind events in the Rocky Mountains.  

Roadie screwing a support clamp on a tru
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